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Helping Kids Help Themselves

become responsible, happy, and successful

Helping Kids Help Themselves

become responsible, happy, and successful


To derive the maximum benefits from Joy Berry’s materials, it is recommended that an adult:

  1. Read the materials before presenting them to the child so the adult will be prepared to deal with any questions or comments that the child might have.
  2. Introduce the product one subject at a time.
  3. Introduce a subject at a time the child will be receptive to it.
  4. Discuss the subject with the child before presenting the materials.
  5. Try to relate the subject to the child’s recent experience or concern.
  6. Present the materials at a pace that is comfortable for the child. Depending on the child’s interest, it might be necessary to go through the materials a few pages at a time.
  7. Praise the child when he or she follows any advice put forth in the materials.
  8. Use completed materials as a reference whenever the need arises.

It is recommended that the adult:

  1. Avoid using the materials when the child feels stressed, overtired, or in a bad mood.
  2. Avoid using the materials as a punishment or negative consequence for the child’s misbehavior.

If the child is resistant to a particular subject, it is recommended that the adult:

  1. Recruit another person, such as a relative, babysitter, or teacher to present the materials.
  2. Offer the child a reward in exchange for using the materials. For example, postpone bedtime while the materials are being used, or allow the child to do a special activity after he or she finishes the materials.
  3. Use a motivational chart to inspire the child to use the materials. Offer a reward for completing the chart.



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