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Helping Kids Help Themselves

become responsible, happy, and successful

Helping Kids Help Themselves

become responsible, happy, and successful


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The WINNING SKILLS books are a part of the collection of kids’ self-help books and other materials called THE JOY BERRY CLASSICS.

The purpose of the JOY BERRY CLASSICS is to help children, from the beginning of their lives through pre-adolescence, become responsible:

for themselves,
in their relationships with others, and
in the way that they relate to the things in their environment.

The classic look and feel of the WINNING SKILLS books is due to the restoration of the vintage artwork from the original publications that is now featured in the current WINNING SKILLS books.


The 18 WINNING SKILLS books help young people succeed at every level of their lives.

All young people have a desire to succeed, but few possess the knowledge and skills that are required in order to be successful. The WINNING SKILLS books can help young people overcome the obstacles that can prevent them from becoming successful. These books can also help young people organize their lives in ways that will allow them to succeed. Last but not least, the WINNING SKILLS books can provide all of the information, including step-by-step instructions, for achieving personal goals and winning at every level.


In order to derive the maximum benefits from products for young people it is recommended that adults use the books in the following ways:

Phase One
Adult Resource: The adult reads the books for information, insights, and encouragement.

Phase Two
Independent Activity: The young person is encouraged to use the materials independently of the adult.

Phase Three
Reference Material: The materials are placed in the young person’s library along with other resource materials and used whenever specific situations need to be addressed.

THE WINNING SKILLS BOOKS  Divided into Developmental Categories


You Can Overcome Fear! explains the origin and nature of fear and teaches how to respect acceptable fears and overcome unacceptable fears.

You Can Handle Stress! defines stress and stressors and explains how to navigate around these obstacles to achieve inner peace in all circumstances.

You Can Handle Criticism and Rejection! defines the difference between constructive and destructive criticism and encourages the acceptance and use of constructive criticism as well as the rejection and avoidance of destructive criticism.

You Can Handle Rude People! explains why some people are rude and teaches how to relate to rude people in various situations.

You Can Handle Tough Situations! explains what can precipitate a rough situation and how it can be handled in a way that will be beneficial instead of harmful.

You Can Get Rid of Bad Habits! teaches how to identify a bad habit and get rid of it.


You Can Be Smart! puts forth various definitions of intelligence and teaches how to become an open-minded, critically thinking, and lifelong learner.

You Can Be Creative! asserts that every person has the ability to create and explains how to discover, develop, and utilize individual creativity.

You Can Be Assertive! affirms the right to be assertive and teaches how to assert oneself in a respectful and caring way so that everyone can win.

You Can Be in Control! teaches how to gain control over one’s life by becoming responsible for every aspect of it.

You Can Get Organized! teaches how to organize possessions, space, and time in ways that will alleviate frustration, enhance individual efforts, and lead to greater personal achievement and fulfillment.

You Can Attain Your Goals! teaches how to establish and achieve viable short-term and long-term personal goals.


You Can Be Beautiful! defines the various types of beauty and teaches how to become a genuinely beautiful person.

You Can Be Liked! discusses the benefits of being a person who is liked, rather than one who is popular, and teaches how to become someone who will be respected and liked by others.

You Can Be Happy! defines true happiness and teaches how to attain it.

You Can Be a Star! defines what is a true star and teaches how to attain and maintain true stardom in one’s own world.

You Can Be a Winner! teaches how to set oneself for winning and demonstrates how to utilize both negative and positive influences and experiences to win.

You Can Have a Great Future! defines and encourages the attitudes and behavior that need to be cultivated and implemented in order to ensure a bright future in which true success is achieved.