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Winning Skills Complete Set


You get 20% off plus FREE download.

The free download includes the Human Rights song album with lyric sheets.

This complete set of 18 Winning Skills (aka You Can) books includes:

  • You Can Overcome Fear!
  • You Can Handle Stress!,
  • You Can Handle Criticism and Rejection!
  • You Can Handle Rude People!
  • You Can Handle Tough Situations!
  • You Can Get Rid of Bad Habits!
  • You Can Be Smart!
  • You Can Be Creative!
  • You Can Be Assertive!
  • You Can Be in Control!
  • You Can Get Organized!
  • You Can Attain Your Goals!
  • You Can Be Beautiful!
  • You Can Be Liked!
  • You Can Be Happy!
  • You Can Be a Star!
  • You Can Be a Winner!
  • You Can Have a Great Future!
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$82.85 (You Save $37.35)