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Helping Kids Help Themselves

become responsible, happy, and successful


Goodhearts Audio Stories

See the GOODHEARTS animated video and scroll down for additional information about the GOODHEARTS.

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AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Listening and comprehension are essential skills that are too often thwarted by the plethora of electronic and print visuals that bombard a child’s life.

The Goodhearts Audio Stories contain no illustrations so children can focus on what they hear and imagine everything else. In this way the Audio Stories can improve listening skills and stimulate and develop the imagination.

Each Goodhearts Audio Story is accompanied by an Assisted Reader Script that highlights the words as they are being read for the purpose of enhancing reading and vocabulary skills.

The Goodhearts Audio Stories are especially effective at bedtime and in the car when there are fewer distractions. That said, they provide great edutainment for children anytime and anywhere.


The Community Center (aka CC) has a daycare center that is in session five days a week. The program for the 3- to 6-year-olds is run by a wonderful daycare worker who acknowledges and rewards her children for being kind. She calls these children the GOODHEARTS.

The GOODHEARTS stand out, not because of their social status, accomplishments, or possessions, but because of their goodness. They routinely respond to social challenges with acts of kindness, and these acts are the basis for the fun and engaging GOODHEARTS stories.


Nanise Topou

Nanise is a Polynesian name that means “gracious.”

Personality – the leader

Favorite Thing to Do – tell other people what to do and occupy center stage

Favorite Toy – costumes, makeup, and anything else that can be used to put on a performance

Favorite Pretend Character – a fairy princess

Pet Peeve – people who play too roughly

Dumaka Franklin

Dumaka is a Nigerian name that means “he who helps out.”

Personality – all boy

Favorite Thing to Do – all sports

Favorite Toy – sports equipment

Favorite Pretend Character – Spiderman

Pet Peeve – people who are bad losers

Karenza McGregor

Karenza is a Scottish name that means “love.”

Personality – competitive tomboy

Favorite Thing to Do – win

Favorite Toy – scooter

Favorite Pretend Character – Peter Pan

Pet Peeve – boys who don’t want to play with girls

Case Connelly

Case is an English name that means “he who brings peace.”

Personality – initiator, the one who thinks up things to do

Favorite Thing to Do – laugh and play with other kids

Favorite Toy – action figures

Favorite Pretend Character – Superman

Pet Peeve – people who aren’t any fun

Latifa Jackson

Latifa is an Arabic name that means “tender, gentle.”

Personality – happy-go-lucky

Favorite Thing to Do – laugh and sing

Favorite Toy – pretend microphone and song recordings

Favorite Pretend Character – Elmo

Pet Peeve – grouchy people

Hiroshi Osaka

Hiroshi is a Japanese name that means “generous.”

Personality – the brain

Favorite Thing to Do – number and logic games and puzzles

Favorite Toy – computer and video games

Favorite Pretend Character – Yoda (both Hiroshi and his father are Star Wars fans)

Pet Peeve – people who bother him when he is thinking

Tirza Levy

Tirza is a Hebrew name that means “kindness.”

Personality – the quiet one

Favorite Thing to Do – draw and paint

Favorite Toy – stuffed animals

Favorite Pretend Character – Winnie the Pooh

Pet Peeve – people who talk too loud and too much

Beattie Parks

Beattie is a Gaelic name that means “one who brings joy.”

Personality – guileless

Favorite Thing to Do – anything anyone wants to do

Favorite Toy – toy vehicles, dirt, and sand

Favorite Pretend Character – Big Bird

Pet Peeve – mean, bossy people






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