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The HUMAN RACE CLUB is based on an actual neighborhood club started by Guy, a 10-year-old participant in one of Joy Berry’s recreation programs. Guy was a puzzle to Joy and a problem to his parents. He had failed two grades and was facing possible expulsion from school when his exasperated mother asked Joy for help.

When Joy visited Guy in his home, she was treated to a backyard spectacle: a tri-level treehouse fully equipped with electricity, running water and an ingenious rope-and-pulley elevator. The fabulous structure was a product of Guy’s own imagination and ingenuity. So was the profitable neighborhood club that operated out of Guy’s treehouse.

Deeply impressed by the size and scope of Guy’s accomplishments, Joy asked him, “What do you think you do well?”

Crestfallen, Guy answered, “Nothing. I’m not good at sports. I can’t draw. I can’t sing, and you know how I am doing in school.” Then he asked, “Is that why you came to see me? Are you disappointed in me too?”

Devastated by Guy’s response, Joy vowed to change her approach to working with children. This vow led to the development of an entire program of self-help materials for kids that features the HUMAN RACE CLUB.

There are both HUMAN RACE CLUB Videos and HUMAN RACE CLUB Audio Books.

The HUMAN RACE CLUB Videos are the winner of the American Film Institute and the International Film Institute Awards. Each 28-minute, full-color, animated HUMAN RACE CLUB video features the following:
  • Animated Opening Credits and the HUMAN RACE CLUB Theme Song
  • Joy’s Live Action Opening Remarks
  • Animated Introduction to the Story Inside the HUMAN RACE CLUB Treehouse
  • Animated Story
  • Joy’s Live Action Epilog and Closing Remarks
  • Animated Song
  • HUMAN RACE CLUB Theme Song

Letter on Light Blue Stationery (A Story about Being Special)

After the untimely death of Pamela’s classmate, Pamela is asked to write a sympathy letter to her friend’s family. While overcoming her resistance to writing the letter and rising to the challenge, Pamela makes an important discovery about herself and everyone else. Kids will learn that every human being is special.

Lean Mean Machine (A Story about Handling Feelings)

Maggie assumes that she is the best driver to represent the club in the Hometown Go-Cart Derby. However, her assumption is challenged when she discovers the HUMAN RACE CLUB members’ plans for the event and her runaway emotions steer her on a collision course to disaster. Kids will learn the importance of handling feelings appropriately.

Unforgettable Pen Pal (A Story about Prejudice and Discrimination)

When A.J. and his pen pal, Joey discover their mutual interest in basketball, they become the best of friends. The chance to finally meet one another at a professional basketball game leads them to encounter prejudice where they least expect it. This video will help kids realize the negative effects of prejudice and discrimination and the importance of forming informed and intelligent opinions about others.

Casey’s Revenge (A Story about Fights Between Brothers and Sisters)

When Casey can’t stop his older sister, Theresa from teasing and embarrassing him, he decides to get back at her during a special presentation at her Sweet-Sixteen Birthday Party. Theresa discovers Casey’s plans at the last minute and panic and pandemonium ensues. Kids will learn positive alternatives to fighting and seeking revenge with siblings.

Fair Weather Friend (A Story about Friendships)

A.J.’s boasts about flying to Disneyland with his “super-rich friend” does not impress the HUMAN RACE CLUB members. While trying to acquire a new friend, A.J. neglects and puts into jeopardy his most valuable relationships. Kids will learn that friends should be chosen for who they are, not what they have. They will also learn that being a friend requires special effort.

A High Price to Pay (A Story about Making and Managing Money)

When Teddy teases Jeff Cassidy about being rich, Jeff invites Teddy to spend the weekend at his house to see how the “Rich Cassidy’s” actually live. Teddy is taken aback to discover firsthand that there is truly a price to be paid for everything. Kids will be encouraged to find satisfaction in the monetary choices they make while respecting the monetary choices of others.


Each Audio Books Includes a HUMAN RACE CLUB story and song. There are eleven HUMAN RACE CLUB Audio Books.

The Letter on Light Blue Stationery (A Story about Being Special)

The Lean Mean Machine (A Story about Handling Uncomfortable Feelings)

The Saturday Night Stalker (A Story About Handling Nightmares)

What Happened to A.J.? (A Story about the Importance of Human Rights)

The Battle at the McGovern’s (A Story about Family Arguments)

Casey’s Revenge (A Story about Fights Between Brothers and Sisters)

The Fair Weather Friend (A Story about Friendships)

A High Price to Pay (A Story about Making and Managing Money)

The Big Brad Wolf (A story about Bullies)

The Treehouse Story (A Story about the Origins of the Club)

The Human Race Club Too Story