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The JOY of First Steps Teacher Guide


The purpose of THE JOY OF FIRST STEPS teachers guide is to help a parent begin to transfer the responsibility for his or her child’s life from the parent to the child. Toddlers (1 – 3 years of age) are far more capable of doing things for themselves than most parents think. It’s just a matter of teaching them relevant information and skills then motivating them to apply what they’ve learned. This guide is loaded with all kinds of fun, yet educational, activities that parents and caregivers can share with toddlers during the beginning years.

The JOY of First Steps

The guide includes the following lessons:

Lesson One – My Body
Lesson Two – Looking
Lesson Three – Listening
Lesson Four – Tasting
Lesson Five – Smelling
Lesson Six – Touching
Lesson Seven – Mealtime
Lesson Eight – Bathtime
Lesson Nine – Getting Dressed
Lesson Ten – Bedtime
Lesson Eleven – Potty Training
Lesson Twelve – Illness
Lesson Thirteen – Mommies & Daddies
Lesson Fourteen – Brothers & Sisters
Lesson Fifteen – Relatives
Lesson Sixteen – Pets
Lesson Seventeen – Crying
Lesson Eighteen – Security Objects
Lesson Nineteen – Separation
Lesson Twenty – Danger