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Empowering Parent/Child Rights

12 personal rights that lead to mutual respect and fairness between parents and children

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    The Empowering Parent/Child Rights PDF and Audio Book include:

    Chapter One – Personal Rights That Lay the Foundation for Mutual Understanding and Respect Between Parents and Children
    Chapter Two – The Right to Be Yourself
    Chapter Three – The Right to Be Honest
    Chapter Four – The Right to Get Your Needs Met
    Chapter Five – The Right to Develop and Grow at Your Own Pace
    Chapter Six – The Right to Ask Questions and Obtain Honest Answers
    Chapter Seven – The Right to Think Your Own Thoughts and Believe Your Own Beliefs
    Chapter Eight – The Right to Make Mistakes
    Chapter Nine – The Right to Contribute to Any Decision that Impacts Your Life
    Chapter Ten – The Right to Own Your Own Belongings
    Chapter Eleven – The Right to Have Privacy
    Chapter Twelve – The Right to Live Free From Fear
    Chapter Thirteen – The Right to Defend Your Rights
    Chapter Fourteen – Balancing Rights with Responsibilities