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Survival Skills Complete Set


You get 20% off plus FREE downloads.

The free downloads include the six Survival Skills song albums with lyric sheets (Personal Skills, Personal Care, Personal Responsibilities, Social Skills, Social Responsibilities and Coping Skills).

This complete set of 28 printed Survival Skills(aka How To) books includes:

  • How to Clean Yourself Up
  • How to Get Dressed
  • How to Stand up Straight
  • How to Go to Bed
  • How to Make Breakfast and Lunch
  • How to be Prepared for Emergencies
  • How to Be Careful
  • How to Handle Emergencies
  • How to do Something Besides Watching TV
  • How to Do Your Homework and Schoolwork
  • How to Get Good Grades
  • How to Clean Your Room
  • How to Take Care of Your Clothes
  • How to Help Conserve Resources
  • How to Do Yardwork
  • How to Take Care of a Pet
  • How to Babysit
  • How to Earn an Allowance
  • How to Help Resolve Your Family’s Money Problems
  • How to Have Good Table Manners
  • How to Say the Right Thing
  • How to Talk on the Phone
  • How to Write Letters that Say the Right Thing
  • How to Behave in Public
  • How to be Kind to Your Guest
  • How to Be a Good Guest
  • How to Avoid Hanging Around with the Wrong Crowd
  • How to Be Good
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$143.22 (You Save $85.88)