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The JOY of Coping Skills

The purpose of THE JOY OF COPING SKILLS is to give young people 9 – 11 years of age the information and skills they need to handle life’s challenges and difficulties in positive ways. This is accomplished by teaching them about nightmares, danger, illness, and trauma. This guide is loaded with all kinds of engaging classroom experiences and activities that are educational, interactive and fun for young people.

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    This guide includes the following lessons:

    Lesson One – Fear and Its Causes

    Lesson Two – Exaggerated, Irrational, or Displaced Fears

    Lesson Three – First Four Steps for Handling Emotions

    Lesson Four – Last Two Steps for Handling Emotions

    Lesson Five – About Nightmares

    Lesson Six – Nightmares About the Present

    Lesson Seven – Nightmares About the Past and Future

    Lesson Eight – Danger and Dangerous Situations

    Lesson Nine – Dangerous Objects

    Lesson Ten – Dangerous Places

    Lesson Eleven – Preparing for Emergencies

    Lesson Twelve – Responding to Emergencies

    Lesson Thirteen – Handling Emergencies

    Lesson Fourteen – Illness

    Lesson Fifteen – Avoiding Illness

    Lesson Sixteen – Handling Illness

    Lesson Seventeen – Trauma

    Lesson Eighteen – Trauma That’s Your Fault

    Lesson Nineteen – Trauma That’s Not Your Fault

    Lesson Twenty – Keeping Trauma in Perspective