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The JOY of Early Childhood Emotions and Attitudes

The purpose of THE JOY OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EMOTIONS AND ATTITUDES is to educate young children 3 – 5 years of age regarding their emotions as well as the emotionally charged situations they encounter so they can handle these emotions and situations in positive instead of negative ways. This guide is loaded with all kinds of engaging classroom experiences and activities that are educational, interactive and fun for young children.

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    This guide includes the following lessons:

    Lesson One – Feeling Afraid
    Lesson Two – Feeling Worried
    Lesson Three – Feeling Frustrated
    Lesson Four – Feeling Defeated
    Lesson Five – Feeling Guilty
    Lesson Six – Feeling Sad
    Lesson Seven – Feeling Angry
    Lesson Eight – Feeling Embarrassed
    Lesson Nine – Feeling Inferior
    Lesson Ten – Feeling Jealous
    Lesson Eleven – Feeling Disappointed
    Lesson Twelve – Being Lazy
    Lesson Thirteen – Being Forgetful
    Lesson Fourteen – Being Careless
    Lesson Fifteen – Being Messy
    Lesson Sixteen – Being Wasteful
    Lesson Seventeen – Overdoing It
    Lesson Eighteen – Showing Off
    Lesson Nineteen – Being a Bad Sport
    Lesson Twenty – Being Selfish