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The JOY of Personal Skills

This guide includes the following lessons:

Lesson One – Needing Good Food
Lesson Two – Eating Good Food
Lesson Three – Needing Air, Water, and Sunshine
Lesson Four – Needing Exercise
Lesson Five – Needing a Clean Body
Lesson Six – Needing Proper Clothing and Adequate Shelter
Lesson Seven – Understanding, Appreciating, and Using Your Brain
Lesson Eight – Learning Through Verbalization and Reading
Lesson Nine – Learning Through Observation and Experience
Lesson Ten – Learning Through Experimentation
Lesson Eleven – Handling Emotions
Lesson Twelve – Handling Anger
Lesson Thirteen– Handling Fear
Lesson Fourteen – Handling Anxiety
Lesson Fifteen – Handling Frustration
Lesson Sixteen – Handling Jealously
Lesson Seventeen – Handling Humiliation
Lesson Eighteen – Handling Guilt
Lesson Nineteen– Handling Disappointment
Lesson Twenty – Handling Defeat