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The JOY of Positive Self Esteem

The purpose of THE JOY OF POSITIVE SELF ESTEEM is to help kids 7 to 9 years of age truly understand and appreciate themselves. This is accomplished by teaching kids about their human similarities as well as their human uniqueness. Doing so provides an intelligent, rational foundation from which a child can develop a legitimate and realistic positive self-esteem. This guide is loaded with all kinds of engaging classroom experiences and activities that are educational, interactive and fun for kids.

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    This guide includes the following lessons:


    Lesson One – You are Similar to Other Humans

    Lesson Two – You Look Similar to Other Humans

    Lesson Three – Your Body Functions in Ways That are Similar to Other Humans

    Lesson Four – Your Body Does Things That May Seem Strange or Embarrassing

    Lesson Five – Your Emotions Are Similar to Those Experienced by Other Humans

    Lesson Six – Like Other Humans You Are Not Perfect

    Lesson Seven – Like Other Humans You Have Accidents

    Lesson Eight – Like Other Humans You Have Accidents

    Lesson Nine – Like Other Humans You Make Mistakes

    Lesson Ten – Like Other Humans You Make Wrong Choices

    Lesson Eleven – The Value of Being Unique

    Lesson Twelve – Your Unique Head and Face

    Lesson Thirteen – Your Unique Body

    Lesson Fourteen – Your Unique Identification Traits

    Lesson Fifteen – Your Unique Thoughts

    Lesson Sixteen– The Unique Ways You Express Your Emotions

    Lesson Seventeen– Your Unique Personality

    Lesson Eighteen – Your Unique Situation

    Lesson Nineteen – Your Unique Experiences

    Lesson Twenty – Your Unique Gifts and Purpose