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The JOY of Relationships

The purpose of THE JOY OF RELATIONSHIPS is to help kids 7 – 9 years of age develop and maintain positive relationships with others. This is accomplished by teaching them about communication, disagreements, prejudice, discrimination, and friendships. This guide is loaded with all kinds of engaging classroom experiences and activities that are educational, interactive and fun for kids.

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    This guide includes the following lessons:

    Lesson One – Being a Communicator

    Lesson Two – Communicating Through Art

    Lesson Three – Communicating Through Words

    Lesson Four – Communicating Effectively

    Lesson Five – Communicating Honestly

    Lesson Six – Disagreeing With Others

    Lesson Seven – Disagreements Can Cause Uncomfortable Emotions

    Lesson Eight – Avoiding Difficulties Caused By Disagreements

    Lesson Nine – Understanding Disagreements

    Lesson Ten – Resolving Disagreements

    Lesson Eleven – Having Acquaintances, Playmates, and Best Friends

    Lesson Twelve – Making New Friends

    Lesson Thirteen – Making Friends Feel Important and Special

    Lesson Fourteen – Maintaining Friendships

    Lesson Fifteen – Having Opinions

    Lesson Sixteen – Influencing Opinions

    Lesson Seventeen – Forming Valid Opinions

    Lesson Eighteen – Changing Opinions

    Lesson Nineteen – Avoiding Prejudice and Discrimination

    Lesson Twenty – Avoiding Discriminating Against Others