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The JOY of Social Skills

This Teachers Guide includes the following lessons:

Lesson One – Following the Golden Rule
Lesson Two – Being Gracious While Playing With Others
Lesson Three – Being Gracious While Working With Others
Lesson Four – Being Gracious Before and After Meals
Lesson Five – Using Tableware, Silverware, and Serving Utensils Graciously
Lesson Six – Being Gracious During Meals
Lesson Seven – Answering the Telephone Graciously
Lesson Eight – Making Telephone Calls Graciously
Lesson Nine – Inviting Guests and Answering the Door Graciously
Lesson Ten – Greeting and Entertaining Guests Graciously
Lesson Eleven – Writing Gracious Letters
Lesson Twelve – Writing Gracious Thank You, Invitation, and R.S.V.P Letters
Lesson Thirteen – Handling Introductions Graciously
Lesson Fourteen – Having Gracious Conversations
Lesson Fifteen – Handling Questions, Compliments, and Saying No Graciously
Lesson Sixteen – Being Gracious When Invited and When Arriving at Someone’s Home
Lesson Seventeen – Being a Gracious Visitor
Lesson Eighteen – Being Gracious While Traveling by Car or Public Transportation
Lesson Nineteen – Being Gracious on Elevators, on Escalators and While Shopping
Lesson Twenty – Being Gracious at Performances, Athletic Events, and Religious Services