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The JOY of Social Skills

The purpose of The JOY of Social Skills is to help kids 9 – 11 years of age relate to others in an equitable and caring way that is beneficial to everyone. This is accomplished by teaching basic manners that apply to home life as well as manners that apply away from home. This guide is loaded with all kinds of engaging classroom experiences and activities that are educational, interactive and fun for young people.

This Teachers Guide includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson One – Following the Golden Rule
  • Lesson Two – Being Gracious While Playing With Others
  • Lesson Three – Being Gracious While Working With Others
  • Lesson Four – Being Gracious Before and After Meals
  • Lesson Five – Using Tableware, Silverware, and Serving Utensils Graciously
  • Lesson Six – Being Gracious During Meals
  • Lesson Seven – Answering the Telephone Graciously
  • Lesson Eight – Making Telephone Calls Graciously
  • Lesson Nine – Inviting Guests and Answering the Door Graciously
  • Lesson Ten – Greeting and Entertaining Guests Graciously
  • Lesson Eleven – Writing Gracious Letters
  • Lesson Twelve – Writing Gracious Thank You, Invitation, and R.S.V.P Letters
  • Lesson Thirteen – Handling Introductions Graciously
  • Lesson Fourteen – Having Gracious Conversations
  • Lesson Fifteen – Handling Questions, Compliments, and Saying No Graciously
  • Lesson Sixteen – Being Gracious When Invited and When Arriving at Someone’s Home
  • Lesson Seventeen – Being a Gracious Visitor
  • Lesson Eighteen – Being Gracious While Traveling by Car or Public Transportation
  • Lesson Nineteen – Being Gracious on Elevators, on Escalators and While Shopping
  • Lesson Twenty – Being Gracious at Performances, Athletic Events, and Religious Services