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Kids and Bullying

by Joy Berry on June 18, 2023

If you’re looking for books for 6 year olds that can help them deal with bullying, you might want to consider my Help Me Be Good book titled, A Children’s Book About Being Bullied. This book defines bullying and explains why people become bullies. It also encourages children to deal with bullying by doing the following:

1. Treat bullies with kindness. If this does not work,

2. Stay away from bullies. If this is not possible,

3. Ignore bullies. If this does not work,

4. Confront bullies and ask them to stop bullying you. If this does not work,

5. Walk or run away from bullies. If this does not work,

6. Ask an adult to help you deal with the bully.

Unfortunately, troubled children seem to be more emboldened than ever to engage in bullying. And this is why it is crucial to equip every child with the information needed to survive being bullied.

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