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Helping Kids Help Themselves

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Kids and Lying

by Joy Berry on June 18, 2023
Kids and Lying

Any valid collection of best books for 5 year olds needs to include titles that address the subject of lying. This is because, if unchecked, lying can become a problem that can endanger children as well as the people around them.

Even so, it was surprising to me when my book, Help Me Be Good – A Children’s Book About Lying became a best seller. It proved that, parents and teachers continue to be concerned about children lying.

Here is the bottom-line information that children need to know about lying:

Sometimes you might tell someone something that is not true. When you do this, you are lying.

When you lie:

• You disappoint other people.

• You cause people to wonder if you ever tell the truth.

• You cause people to stop trusting you.

People who do not trust you might not believe you when you are telling the truth. This is not good because there are times when you need people to believe you.

Be honest if you have lied. Admit that you have lied. Say,“ I lied to you.” This will begin to make things better.

Say you are sorry if you have lied.

Do everything you can do to show you are truly sorry that you lied. Then do your best to be honest in the future.

You need to be honest if you want people to believe and trust you.

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