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Kids and Sharing

by Joy Berry on June 18, 2023

No list of best books for 6 year olds can be complete without books about sharing. That is the reason that, for many years, my Help Me Be Good – A Book About Being Selfish has been included in the list.

This book addresses the subject of Being Selfish and, in doing so, encourages young children to share. Here’s some of the information young children can learn from the book:

People who do not share are selfish. They care more about themselves than they care about others.

When you are with someone who is selfish, you might feel left out, frustrated, and angry. You might not want to be with that person.

It is important to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you want others to share with you, you need to share with them.

This does not mean that you have to share all your things all the time. Sometimes you cannot share.

Try not to eat in front of someone who does not have anything to eat. Put your food away if you do not have enough to share.

You might not want to share something that is special to you. Do not use the special thing in front of someone else unless the person does not want to use it, or the person has something else to use.

You do not have to share with anyone who is careless. Put your things away if you think they might be lost or damaged.

Be fair if there is only one of something that must be shared by two or more people.

• Take turns using it.
• Let each person use it for an equal length of time.
• You can use a clock of timer to help keep track of the time.

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