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Toddlers and Potty Training

by Joy Berry on June 18, 2023

A frustrated parent recently asked me to recommend books for 2-year olds that could help with potty training. I welcomed the opportunity to recommend my Teach Me About Potty Training book from my Teach Me About series. This book advocates a do-it-yourself approach to potty training that transfers the responsibility for potty training from the parent to the child. This is accomplished by helping the child learn the following crucial information:

1. The  disadvantages of not using the toilet,

2. The advantages of using the toilet,

3. How to overcome the fears around using the toilet, and

4. How to use the toilet appropriately.

When young children learn the basic information and engage in a tracking and reward system—like the one in the parents’ section of my book—young children can, and most likely will, potty train themselves in a way that is easy and fun for all.

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