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Kids and Critical Race Theory (CTR)

by Joy Berry on June 18, 2023

Recently, the subject of teaching Critical Race Theory (CTR) in elementary classrooms has been front and center in the public discourse.

The Wikipedia definition of CTR is, “…how laws, social and political movements, and media shape, and are shaped by, social conceptions of race and ethnicity.” More often than not, CTR is associated with Systemic Racism (aka Institutional Racism) which is defined by Wikipedia as, “…policies and practices that exist throughout a whole society or organization, and that result in and support a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race.”

While some conservatives advocate that teaching CRT to non-black children can make them feel bad about themselves and therefore should not be taught, I disagree. Indeed, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to teaching history and I believe that teaching children the truth about inequities—where they came from and why they exist–gives children an opportunity to do whatever they can do to make things right for their sakes as well as the sakes of others.

To this end, included in books for 7 year olds, is my book, Living Skills, Every Kid’s Guide to Prejudice and Discrimination. This book encourages children to avoid prejudice (prejudging others) because it can lead to discrimination that can be counterproductive and even harmful. Use the code HONEST for a FREE download until the end of 2023!

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