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Kids Cleaning Their Rooms

by Joy Berry on June 18, 2023

It’s Spring and time to check out the best books for 10 year olds and up that can help them clean their rooms. My best-selling book, Survival Skills – How to Clean Your Room, will no doubt be at the top of the list!

In addition to many practical handy hints and tips, this book features simple, easy-to-understand instructions that can help kids clean their messy rooms no matter how cluttered or how dirty their rooms are. The cartoon-illustrated, step-by-step instructions include:

STEP 1 – Clear everything off your bed.
STEP 2 – Make your bed.
STEP 3 – Pick up whatever is out of place and put it on your bed.
STEP 4 – Put away the things that are on your bed.
STEP 5 – Dust the furniture.
STEP 6 – Vacuum, sweep or dust the floor.
STEP 7 – Put away all of the cleaning equipment and supplies.

Parents might need to work with their children the first time their children attempt to clean their rooms. The next time, the parents might need to watch their children clean their rooms and offer verbal guidance as needed. The third time, children should be able to clean their rooms by themselves.

Use the code CLEAN for a FREE download until the end of 2023!

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