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Toddlers and Parent/Child Separation

by Joy Berry on June 18, 2023

If you’re looking for books for 3 year olds, I’d like to recommend a book that addresses one of the greatest stressors young children  encounter—which is Separation Anxiety. The book is called Let’s Talk About Being Away from Your Parents. It speaks directly to children and, at the same time, provides viable information and tips for both young  children and parents regarding how to handle Separation Anxiety.  Here are a few key take-aways from the book:

The loss of control and insecurity that young children experience when their parents are about to be separated from them can be partially mitigated by assuring the children that their parents will return, and someone will be there to take care of them while their parents are away.

Separation Anxiety can be less stressful if young children do the following:

1. Find out where their parents will be going and when they will return.

2. Get a written phone number that can be used to contact their parents while they are gone.

3. Talk about their feelings about the separation.

4. Plan some fun things to do while their parents are gone.

Over time, Separation Anxiety will decrease if parents do their best to return when they say they will return after each and every separation.

Investing the time and attention needed to acknowledge and address Separation Anxiety properly can make parent/child separations less stressful for everyone.

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